Blondie: Parallel Lines – In Full & Uninterrupted

A new producer and superb songwriting can be thanked for the excellence that was Blondie’s third album, ‘Parallel Lines’.

Starting out at CBGBs (along with the Ramones and Talking Heads) Blondie was a new wave, experimental rock pop band and it was ‘Parallel Lines’ with its blend of bubblegum pop and punk rock elements that saw success for Blondie on both sides of the Atlantic.

The album truly excels with depth and consistency, a rock n’ roll classic with ‘One Way Or Another’, the disco feelings in ‘Heart of Glass’, or the pure retro 60s of ‘Sunday Girl’ – the group was unafraid to use their street-wise confidence to go disco, to go rock, to blend in punk with the pop and more.

Join Robin LaRose on Thursday, September 23 @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1978 with Blondie and ‘Parallel Lines’ only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Classic Rock!
Blondie Parallel Lines Track List

Side one
1. “Hanging on the Telephone” 2:17
2. “One Way or Another” 3:31
3. “Picture This” 2:53
4. “Fade Away and Radiate” 3:57
5. “Pretty Baby” 3:16
6. “I Know but I Don’t Know” 3:53

Side two
7. “11:59” 3:19
8. “Will Anything Happen?” 2:55
9. “Sunday Girl” 3:01
10. “Heart of Glass” 3:54
11. “I’m Gonna Love You Too” 2:03
12. “Just Go Away” 3:21