Willy’s 20K Bullseye

The higher or lower game is about to get very, very, serious… with Willy’s $20K Bullseye on ROCK 101, sponsored by Thomson Industries!

Enter below for your chance to get a phone call from Willy to play Willy’s 20K Bullseye!

Listen weekdays at 8am, 11am, 2pm, & 5pm, to play along!

Starting Monday, January 10th, Willy will take two callers on the line, 4 times a day. Willy has chosen a number between 1 and 100!

Caller #1 will start by guessing a number, Willy will say higher or lower…
Caller #2 will guess a number… So on and so forth until a contestant has correctly identified the number!

The caller who identifies Willy’s number correctly is instantly in the draw to win $20,000!!

Willy in the Morning will announce the $20k winner of the contest on Tuesday, February 22nd at 8am PST!


Willy’s $20K Bullseye on ROCK 101, sponsored by Thomson Industries, job done right, day or night – Thomson Industries.ca