Parker Solar Probe... Sun Trek... You can add your name.....

If you’d like to have your name among the stars, here is your chance. NASA is offering to fly you to the sun – or at least your name. From now until April 27, NASA is accepting online submissions for members of the public to have their name sent on the Parker Solar Probe all the way to the sun.

A memory chip containing a list of submitted names will be inserted into the probe. Once launched this summer from Cape Canaveral, Florida, it will eventually come within 4 million miles of our star, closer than any other spacecraft. Temperatures will reach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, as the spacecraft zips in and out of this atmospheric hot zone, studying different aspects of the sun before it meets its flaming end. Actor William Shatner, who portrayed Capt. James Kirk in the old “Star Trek” TV series, is NASA’s pitchman for the send-your-name-to-the-sun campaign.





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