A tour of the largest government-approved pot greenhouse in Canada

WATCH: Global News gets an inside look at Canada's largest government-approved cannabis greenhouse

Metro Vancouver is home to the largest government-approved cannabis greenhouse in the country.

Canopy Growth Corp. — a large, licensed grow operation — took over an Aldergrove greenhouse complex that was once used to grow peppers.

“There’s an incredible amount of expansion that goes on in our business,” Alan Cooke of Canopy Growth said. “I think this facility alone is just north of $70 million in expansion and retrofitting. We’re very serious about what we do and we’re moving very, very quickly.”

WATCH: A tour of the largest government-approved pot greenhouse in Canada

The greenhouse complex takes up about 30 football fields and neighbours are concerned about the smell and noise it generates.

Canopy Growth says it has installed a variety of measures to mask the smell but many say it has made things worse.

“It’s essential oils blowing into the air to try and neutralize the odour of the cannabis, so that’s why you get the smell of Febreze and then you get the smell of skunk,” resident Steve Dreise said.

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Canopy Growth says it has spent $1 million on trying to deal with the odour and plan on bringing in other measures to ensure the people who live nearby are happy.

“We take our neighbourly responsibilities very, very seriously,” Cooke said.

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The operation is set to reach full capacity later this year.

Neighbours say they want a permanent solution to their concerns as soon as possible.

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