Seth Rogen teases ‘Sesame Street’ cameo, internet responds with ‘pot’ shots, jokes

Sunny days might be sweeping different kind of clouds away after Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen teased an upcoming appearance on Sesame Street.

On Tuesday afternoon, the educational show shared on social media that the Pineapple Express star had stopped by the set.

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“We love hanging with @Sethrogen on Sesame Street! Thanks for stopping by!” the show tweeted.

The marijuana aficionado also teased his upcoming cameo on social media.

“Yes. I can in fact tell you how to get to Sesame Street,” Rogen said in response.

Oscar the Grouch chimed in on social media as well.

“So you wanna join the grouch club @Sethrogen? Heh heh heh,” the trash-loving puppet tweeted.

The internet couldn’t stop itself from making pot jokes about Rogen, speculating whether he smokes weed with some of the characters.

“But the question is … did you roll one up with cookie monster?” Karah-Leigh asked.

“Did you smoke out big bird?” asked another.

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Sesame Street has been a household brand since debuting in 1969 on U.S. public television. In recent years, it lost federal funding to produce the show and has partnered with HBO.

Rogen has made headlines north of border recently after voicing public service announcements on public transit in his hometown of Vancouver and also in Toronto.

Here’s a look at more reaction to Rogen’s forthcoming Sesame Street appearance.

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