AC/DC Brawl With Deep Purple...

Angus Young relays the tale of how he and the rest of AC/DC brawled with Deep Purple’s tour crew at Sunbury 1975.

Deep Purple was set up for one show in Australia, in 1974… Yes, ONE show. It was the Sunbury Festival outside of Melbourne… the height of the Australian summer… with the most violent summer storm. The promoters decided bravely to go ahead with the festival, and talk about difficult… The wind was howling, it was freezing and a total mud bath. The entire audience was in a field of mud. They’d wrapped themselves in plastic sheets so it resembled an immense condom convention!

“After a less-than-satisfactory performance, we left the stage, got in our cars and started to drive away from the site. Suddenly we heard music coming from the stage. Apparently, a young Aussie band had jumped onstage, plugged into our gear and started playing! Well, all hell broke loose, from what I was told. Our roadies (big buggers) wrestled with the young band to get them off our equipment and off the stage. Chaos and frolics ensued.

The guys using our equipment were this new band called AC/DC.


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