5 songs you must hear this week: 17 September 2018

1. Sam Roberts, “Climb Over Me”
We Were Born in a Flame (15th-anniversary reissue) (Universal)
RIYL: Revisiting the past

“Wait!,” you say, “This isn’t a new song! It’s from Sam’s 2004 debut album, We Were Born in a Flame! Did you have some kind of stroke before picking this song?” No, actually. Here’s the story. The song was included on the vinyl version and the international editions of the album. It’s now coming as part of of a deluxe reissue October 5. The whole package will come on three pieces of vinyl or two CDs. And yes, there will be plenty of unreleased material.

Sam Roberts – Climb over me from Hemmings House Pictures on Vimeo.

2. Billie Ellish, “You Should See Me in a Crown”
Single (Interscope)
RIYL: Lorde with a beat

Not only has this 16-year-old (!!!) American singer has already been releasing records for almost three years, she has one of the best names ever: Billie Ellish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Yes, her middle name is “Pirate.” This single offers a hint of her second studio record. Might be worth a look when she appears at the Phoenix on October 30 and 31. Oh, wait. You can’t. Both shows are already sold out.

3. Arkells, “Relentless”
Rally Cry (Universal)
RIYL: Canadian bands that dream big. REALLY big.

Now on their fifth album (due October 19), Hamilton’s Arkells are in danger of becoming the country’s premier Canadian rock band. You gotta love a band that is ambitious enough to book (and fill!) a football stadium on their own. The band recently told me that they have no intention in following the typical plan of going away for a year or two to record a new album. Instead, they want to keep top of mind with their fans by releasing standalone singles (cf. “Knockin’ at Your Door”) and by new videos (ref. the two clips from the aforementioned stadium gig). And the band already has more new music beyond this album.

4. Pretty Vicious, “Move”
LP1 (Big Machine Records)
RIYL: Britpoppy indie rock via Wales

Hang on: Big Machine Records? As in Taylor Swift’s indie label? Yep. This punky four-piece has been soaking up love from the corners of the British music press With the Big Machine, er, machine behind them, expect a big push in North America. How many British bands would kill to change places with them right about now?

5. Mother Mother, “Get Up”
Single (Universal)
RIYL: I think we’re well-acquainted with them by now

As Vancouver’s Mother Mother prepares for their seventh album, they began hinting at this single on their Facebook page with cryptic shots in a studio and a two-second video loop of…,something. Now we know what’s going on. A little bit, anyway.

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