Weekly Survey: The shirt-to-show controversy. This is FAR more contentious than I realized.

Last month, I met up with a couple of friends for dinner before a gig. Two of us looked in horror at the third member of our party who showed up wearing an old concert t-shirt from the band we were about to see that night.

“Shirt-to-show!” screamed one of us (not me) in horror. “You cannot do that. You can’t just go into your closet, pull out an old t-shirt from the band and then wear it to the gig. HIGHLY uncool!”

I had to agree. We almost sent her home to change.

The offender protested, of course. “There’s nothing wrong with wearing a favourite band t-shirt to the show by that band,” she sniffed, “It’s a show of appreciation and devotion.”

The conversation soon devolved into something rather unseemly, attracting the attention of other diners. With neither wanting to back down, other patrons of the restaurant were drawn into the discussion. When polled about the shirt-to-show situation, opinion was pretty much straight down the middle. Nothing was settled.

I, therefore, bring the argument to you. Is shirt-to-show acceptable? Or should such a practice be shamed out of existence? Please weigh in. This is a question for the ages.

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