Stay-at-home moms should earn over $160,000 a year, study finds

Stay-at-home moms don’t get paid — but according to a new survey, they’d be making six figures if they did. gathered a handful of jobs “that reflect a day in the life of a mom” and used its “Salary Wizard” to calculate an annual salary. The job site found that a mom’s median 2018 salary would be US$162,581 based on all the work they do.

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“Hybrid” mom roles include teacher, coach, bookkeeper, psychologist, event planner, photographer, plumber and janitor.

The $162,581 figure is up from 2017, when said mothers should earn just over $157,000 for a 96-hour work week. In 2016, the figure was calculated at around $143,000.

On social media, some parents are saying the survey should include stay-at-home fathers, too.

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“Stay-at-home parents, you mean,” one Twitter user wrote. “Because men stay at home as well to raise their children.”

“What about dads?” asked another.

Some mothers said that parents who take care of their kids and hold down full-time jobs deserve recognition, too.

“I’m a SAHM and I appreciate when people tell me I have a hard job but I have to say it’s the working mothers who really deserve all that credit. They have my respect for sure,” one woman tweeted.

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Others argued out that stay-at-home mothers do a lot, and the salary is fair.

“I stayed at home for eight years doing everything, even teaching preschool to my kids to get them ready for kindergarten,” one mother shared.

“So yes, I agree. Being responsible for everything should get paid that.”

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