Astonishing 45 rattlesnakes found under man's home after he spotted 'a few' on his property

ABOVE: 45 rattlesnakes removed from under Texas home

A man decided to enlist the help of professionals after he spotted “a few” snakes under his Texas home. Turns out the man had 45 rattlesnakes living under his residence.

Big Country Snake Removal was called to a property just outside of Albany late last week after a customer called, reporting that he’d found some snakes under his home.

“Due to the high winds, their TV/cable was acting up, so a gentleman crawled under to see what was going on,” the company explained on social media. “He saw a ‘few’ snakes and quickly crawled out.”

The snake catchers went on to explain the homeowner only sees a couple of snakes each year on their well-kept property.

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Video shows the snake catchers crawling under the house, quickly realizing they were dealing with more than just a handful of the slithering creatures.

“There’s just snakes everywhere under here,” company owner Nathan Hawkins said in the video. “I’m guessing right now there’s probably 30 or 40 we’re looking at, they’re just everywhere you look.”

Hawkins explained when dealing such a large removal, the snakes tend to slither away once being disturbed, and the crew needs to keep a watchful eye on them “so they can’t get behind us.”

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“Man, that’s a big snake,” the professional said.

The largest snake that was removed from under the home was five-and-a-half feet long, Hawkins told USA Today.

“We run into this scenario often, and people don’t think it can happen to them,” Hawkins said on social media. “Rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive — they care simply about survival.”

Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?

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