Jaw-dropping video captures machete-and-knife fight during attempted gas station robbery

ABOVE: Spectacular video shows machete-wielding clerk fending off knife-wielding suspects in store robbery attempt

Unbelievable video out of Alabama shows two would-be gas station robbers bringing a couple of knives to a machete fight.

Huntsville Police Department released spectacular video of a gas station robbery attempt over the weekend, showing a male and female suspect engaging in a knife fight with the store employee, who just so happened to have a much larger knife on-hand.

Video shows the male suspect — later identified as Seth Holcomb — entering the store and pulling out a large knife, then slamming his fist against the protective glass at the cash-out counter. The clerk then triggers the automatic locks on the store entrance before brandishing a machete.

“Everyone was kung fu fighting .. that clerk was fast as lightning,” Huntsville Police Lt. Michael Johnson told NBC News.

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The footage shows the clerk waving around the machete while speaking on a cellphone. At some point the suspect picks up a banana and a bottle of Coke, for whatever reason.

The suspect is then seeing trying to flee from the store, but struggles with the locked exit. He’s able to smash his way through the door, as the clerk follows him. While outside, the employee encounters the female suspect, later identified as Laney Nicholson, allegedly pulling out a knife and fighting with the clerk.

“During that time, Holcomb has the presence of mind to go back in the store and take the cash drawer out of the register,” the officer told NBC.

The store employee then does some body work on the suspect’s getaway car, smashing the windshield with the machete and attempting to stab the vehicle’s rear tires.

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The suspects somehow managed to flee the gas station, but were arrested a short time later.

“Amazingly, there were no serious injuries and no medical treatment beyond first aid needed to all parties,” Johnson told the news station.

The suspects face several charges including robbery. Police said the clerk was not charged with any crime.

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