Crew member on The Dirt sues Motley Crue & Netflix

Hey it’s Scott Alan,

Fans of Motley Crue are loving their new Netflix biopic The Dirt.  Unfortunately, production of the film didn’t come without some trouble.

The band and Netflix are being sued by a crew member who claims that a shock from a power line on set has left him with second and third-degree burns over 50% of his body.  Louis DiVincenti is seeking $1.8 million in damages.

The incident in question happened March of 2018 on a set designed to look like the Whisky A Go Go nightclub in Los Angeles.  A pipe held by DiVincenti made contact with a power line, sending electrical current through his body.  He was initially given a 2% chance of survival but survived, although he’s been through several surgeries including the amputation of his right foot.

The Dirt premiered last week on Netflix and brought back a lot of junior high memories! Get lost in the debauchery of the Crue!





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