Weekly survey 23 September 2019: Most. Perfect. Album. EVER.

Making an album is hard. Artists give it their best, but time constraints, limits on money, and things that sap inspiration are all insurmountable obstacles. But even with those challenges, there have been those magical times when an artist has been able to create an absolutely perfect album. Not a wasted note. No errant word. The perfect length. The perfect sequencing of songs. The music is not of just the moment but feels timeless. Even the artwork and liner notes cannot be improved. It’s to the point where even God hisself could have done any better. So what are those unicorn albums? There’s been much talk about The Cars debut album following the death of frontman Ric Ocasek. It’s an astoundingly strong record from start to finish. Fans of the Chili Peppers will point to Blood Sugar Sex Magick. I often argue for both Who’s Next from The Who and Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine. There are no right answers here, of course, because we’re encroaching on very subjective, very touchy territory. Give me your picks for your all-time perfect album. This list might help get you started.

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