Royals release rare statement about Queen 'retirement' rumours

The Queen isn’t giving up her throne anytime soon.

The Queen isn’t giving up her throne any time soon.

There’s been speculation as of late that Queen Elizabeth II plans to retire when she turns 95 in two years. This would effectively pass on the reigning title to her son, Prince Charles.

In a rare move from the Royal Family, a spokesperson for the office of the Prince of Wales has shot down the rumours in a statement.

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“There are no plans for any change in arrangements at the age of 95 — or any other age,” reads the statement released to People.

Talk of the Queen’s imminent retirement sprung up around the same time as accusations of sexual abuse emerged against Prince Andrew, leading to his stepping away from royal duties.

The decision came shortly after his BBC interview, in which he spoke about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, aired in mid-November and was promptly panned by the U.K. press.

So while Charles’ office has laid the Queen’s retirement rumours to rest, an important and inevitable question still remains: what will happen when the longest-reigning monarch in British history dies?

When she does, Buckingham Palace will begin Operation London Bridge, a plan that has reportedly been in place since the 1960s and updated several times per year since.

It’s typical for code names to be used in an effort to avoid alerting the public before other procedures have been set in motion.

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According to an article in The Guardian, George VI’s death was called Hyde Park Corner. When the Queen dies, it will reportedly be announced that “London Bridge is down.”

Charles will be declared King immediately after his mother’s death is announced.

According to the Royal Family, the Accession Council will meet with Charles at St. James’s Palace.

After the proclamation is made, Charles will read a declaration and take the oath to preserve the Church of Scotland, after which the public will be informed by public proclamation at the palace.

Many wonder what Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s title will be. Out of respect for Charles’s late ex-wife — Diana, the Princess of Wales — Camilla took on one of Charles’ other titles.

When he becomes King, however, she may be described as Queen or Princess Consort, royal historian Carolyn Harris recently told Global News.

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