Trinity Valley, B.C., residents say poor road conditions a hazard

Many drivers have annual complaints about potholes, but residents of Trinity Valley in B.C.’s Southern Interior say the pits and ruts in their main road have gotten so bad it’s a safety issue.

They are calling for upgrades, but so far, they say, their complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Walter Bopfinger has lived on Trinity Valley Road, near Lumby, for 47 years and believes road conditions have deteriorated over the years.

“The way the road is it has very heavy industrial traffic and the maintenance is not keeping up to this traffic,” Bopfinger said.

“We are asking for a proper gravel surface which can be (more easily) maintained.”

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The rutted and potholed surface is not just an inconvenience to residents who say motorists are driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the hazards.

Residents are concerned that practice will inevitably lead to collisions.

“It seems a blatant disregard of public safety to let it get to this condition,” said resident Derek Baril.

Residents also believe the poor conditions are contributing to vehicles going into the ditch.

While neighbours have come together with their concerns, they feel like their calls for upgrades have fallen of deaf ears.

“I think we need to have the road replaced. I feel that the (province) won’t do it because it would cost a lot of money. We do pay taxes and we deserve a better road,” resident Tamara Norton said.

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Some improvements are coming but they are unlikely to satisfy residents concerns.

The province said an already paved part of the road will be resurfaced this summer as part of a multi-million-dollar paving project.

However, that doesn’t fix the gravel area which has been the focus of complaints.

The province said the gravel portion will continue to be patrolled weekly and graded as necessary.

Residents have complained the grading has been ineffective at fixing the problem.

The Ministry of Transportation did not make anyone available Tuesday for an interview about the residents’ concerns.

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