Shocking videos show crash after crash, jogger hit at Richmond, B.C. intersection

A porch camera mounted at a crossroads in Richmond, B.C., has captured the dangerous driving at Williams Road and Shell Road. Drivers are getting into crashes after failing to stop at one of the stop signs.

A longtime Richmond, B.C., couple has collected some shocking evidence of how dangerous the intersection is in front of their home.

Over the last few months, Barb Howells and her husband have collected and posted videos of Williams Road at Shell Road.

The videos show crash after crash, as cars appear to run a stop sign and blast through at high rates of speed.

Another video shows a jogger being struck in the crosswalk, and then a second vehicle slowing down and driving away as she lays injured in the street.

“We’ve needed a light here for a very long time,” Howells told Global News Tuesday.

“And there’s been a lot of people calling for the light. And in our Richmond community post (on) Facebook, people are saying it’s way overdue in our neighbourhood.”

The City of Richmond said 10 collisions are believed to have occurred at that intersection over the past 21 months, but none of them has been fatal.

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RCMP told Global News the city has 110 intersection cameras, and it’s believed that area is getting a camera soon.

“Richmond is a very big city and it’s becoming bigger as we speak and we have a number of high-traffic intersections,” Cpl. Ian Henderson told Global News.

“Hopefully, we get the message out there that people are watching you at the intersection.”

Part of the issue with this particular intersection is that Shell Road is split in two, with a CN Rail line running parallel through it, the city said, so it cannot make any major changes without CN Rail being on board.

However, it did say traffic lights are coming next March, though it took a long time to approve as CN Rail prioritized other projects.

Henderson added it is a good idea to practise defensive driving, as a driver can never know what is going on in another vehicle on the road.

“It’s important to know your surroundings and to drive accordingly,” he said.

For residents in the area, the changes to this intersection cannot come soon enough.

“Why don’t we have a light?” Howells said. “It’s crazy. So we’re really happy that this is finally happening.”

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