5 songs you must hear this week: 27 September 2021

This week’s hand-picked selection involves a couple of interesting covers, two projects that took forever to finally complete, and one song that’ll be all over alt-rock radio for the rest of the fall.

1. Lumineers, Bright Side
Brightside (Dualtone Records)
RIYL: Laid-back sounds

The Lumineers’ fourth album won’t be here until January 14, but they want to get things started with this first single. This one came together fast, recorded, produced, and mixed over just two days. Hey, when you’re on a roll, you go with it. Get a sneak peek at the album here.

2. Graham Wright, Bridget
The Cost of Doing Business (Ray Cat Records)
RIYL: Solo sojourns

Graham, the keyboardist, and guitarist with Tokyo Police Club, releases his second solo album this week on his own indie label. It’s long overdue, too. His first record came out ten years ago. For this project, though, he ran into a couple of roadblocks and crises of confidence when it came to the songs he was writing. Finally, though, he’s happy with this new collection of material. Hey, we can’t all work as fast as The Lumineers…

The Human Kebab, The Boardroom
Single (WMG)
Recommended If You Like: Did I already say “solo sojourns?”

Speaking of songs that take a while to come together, there’s this. Now that USS has announced that they’re calling it quits, Human Kebab (“the after-party before the party!”) has pulled out a track he’d been working on since 2004 when he was working at a horrible job that was going nowhere. Seventeen years later, the song is finally done.

4. Four Year Song, Bittersweet Symphony
Single (Pure Noise Records)
RIYL: Interesting covers

The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony is one of the great anthems of the late 90s, so if you’re going to cover it, you’d better do it well. In the case of Four Year Strong, they’ve decided to rock it up considerably while still maintaining the essence of the track. Nice work. If you’re interested in other covers of the song, go here.

5. Death from Above 1979, Don’t Stop Believin’
Single (Amazon Music/UMG)
RIYL: Did I already say “interesting covers?”

The last time I checked, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin” was the most-purchased song from the iTunes Store. Seb and Jesse must have a soft spot for the song because they’ve recorded a very punchy cover of the song for Amazon Music. I like it.

Listen here.

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