B.C. Flooding: New water line being built as Canadian Forces arrive in Princeton

The Town of Princeton continues to put the pieces back together after major flood damages.

An area of downtown Princeton remains on evacuation order. The mayor is asking for out-of-town certified technicians to come help with inspections and repairs.

“Anybody who is in the evacuated area is going to need certified gas and electrical contractors that can authorize the hookup of those systems,” said Spencer Coyne, Princeton’s mayor.

“The local contractors can only do so much.”

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The town’s water system is down to one line across the Tulameen River, and pressure for the system is depending on two fire hoses.

A new water line is currently being constructed, drilling underneath the Tulameen River.

“The challenge is, mostly, there’s a cobble situation, so it’s more challenging than most drilling,” said Greg Truman, an Ironman Directional Drilling project manager.

Ironman Directional Drilling has been contracted to construct the new water line. Truman said it’s rewarding work for a community that needs help.

“It’s fantastic. These are beautiful people here. We’ve had several people stop and thank us. A lady today brought us cookies,” said Truman.

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The Canadian Forces have also arrived to help — something for which the mayor has been asking.

“I’m here with my reconnaissance sergeant. We are predominantly looking for tasks that the army can do that’s more specialized,” said Lt. Sean Midgley, a Canadian Forces member with the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment.

“The armed regiment is here en masse. What they are going to be doing is filling sandbanks and deploying them on the dike, to help with the local effort.”

More Canadian Forces members are expected to arrive to help with sandbagging late Wednesday afternoon.

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