‘Led Zepplin ||” Album Celebration

Here at Rock 101 we mark time differently, we use the calendar of B.L.Z and A.L.Z. 

What does that stand for? Well, Before Led Zeppelin and After Led Zeppelin.

Because there was never a band like them before, and there has never been a band like them after.

Simply put, Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II created the blueprint for the hard rock and heavy metal bands that followed. The interesting point? LZII was not overly dynamic, in fact it was written and recorded while on the road and most of the songs were reworked and borrowed rock and blues standards that they were performing on stage.

What made LZII so brilliant was its simplicity. It’s lack of dynamics in favor of straight ahead rock n’ roll was what made it great and a blueprint for others. Led Zep was sampling rock and blues rhythms, yes, but they made it entirely their own.

Born out of lived experience on the road and on stage, not confined to a recording studio, it’s time to Get The Led Out! Join Robin LaRose on Sunday October 22nd @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1969 with Led Zeppelin II only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

Led Zeppelin II Track List

Side one

1. “Whole Lotta Love”                                                         5:34

2. “What Is and What Should Never Be”                      4:46

3. “The Lemon Song”                                                           6:20

4. “Thank You”                                                                       4:50

Side two

1. “Heartbreaker”                                                                 4:14

2. “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)”           2:39

3. “Ramble On”                                                                      4:34

4. “Moby Dick” (instrumental)                                         4:20

5. “Bring It On Home”                                                         4:18