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Willy In The Morning | Rock 101

Willy, Kim, and Alece – Vancouver’s favourite way to wake up. Willy thinks he knows everything, Kim and Alece know better. Your morning pals can even make you smarter with the “Grand IQ Test” where Willy puts your knowledge to the test each morning! Willy in the Morning is sponsored by Alpine Credits. Clever owners know the score.

Rock 101’s Mouth Off | Rock 101

Congratulations to Tammy from Maple Ridge, Terrie from Surrey and Debbie from Langley who correctly identified all 6 of the artists and celebrities in the first and second montage and walked away with $5,000! Daily clue: head to Rock 101’s Instagram page for your daily clue.

Viva Rock Vegas Aerosmith | Rock 101

Dial 604-280-1011 and caller #10 will win their trip instantly! All our Canadian card counters will be chaperoned by Morning Show co-host and Aerosmith super-fan Alece Anderson! Rock 101’s Viva Rock Vegas Aerosmith – Powered by Maple Ridge Chrysler.

Get Mugged By Willy In The Morning – On Hold | Rock 101

Willy is the friendliest guy on Earth, but even he doesn’t want to be visiting you right now – even if it is with morning coffee! Get Mugged with Willy is on hold right now, but you can still register below for when things are normal again. Want Willy, Kim and Alece to show up at your office?ENTER BELOW