Albums Uninterrupted: The Cars – The Cars

The self-titled debut album by The Cars, released in 1978, remains a defining moment in the history of rock and new wave music. With its sleek blend of catchy pop hooks, futuristic synthesizers, and edgy guitar riffs, The Cars introduced a fresh sound that captivated listeners worldwide.

The album’s standout tracks like “Just What I Needed,” “My Best Friend’s Girl,” and “Good Times Roll” showcased the band’s knack for crafting infectious melodies with a touch of melancholic coolness. The Cars’ debut album was a commercial success, reaching platinum status and solidifying their place in the music scene.

The album has left a lasting legacy of innovative songwriting and iconic soundscapes.

Join Robin LaRose on Tuesday, June 6th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1978 with The Cars and their album “The Cars” only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

Track List:

Side one
1. “Good Times Roll”
2. “My Best Friend’s Girl”
3. “Just What I Needed”
4. “I’m in Touch with Your World”
5. “Don’t Cha Stop”

Side two
6. “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight”
7. “Bye Bye Love”
8. “Moving in Stereo”
9. “All Mixed Up”