Albums Uninterrupted; The Tragically Hip – Day For Night

By their 4th album, the Tragically Hip were already “Canada’s Band” But with Day for Night, the band elevated from a good rockin’ bar band the country loved to….something bigger.

The album was darker, having an even greater showcase of the introspection of Gord Downie. We’re marking the 29th anniversary of this classic album … by playing the WHOLE album…uninterrupted and in its entirety

On Tuesday, September 19th @ 6 p.m. join Robin LaRose as he takes you back to 1994 with The Tragically Hip “Day For Night” – only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits. Tune in HERE

1. “Grace, Too”
2. “Daredevil”
3. “Greasy Jungle”
4. “Yawning or Snarling”
5. “Fire in the Hole”
6. “So Hard Done By”
7. “Nautical Disaster”
8. “Thugs”
9. “Inevitability of Death”
10. “Scared”
11. “An Inch an Hour”
12. “Emergency”
13. “Titanic Terrarium”
14. “Impossibilium”