Grand IQ Test

Willy In The Morning tests your grey matter every weekday at 7:40am. Some succeed. Some Fail. But some brainiacs out there feel our questions just ain’t tough enough…Is that you?

The 1st Tuesday of every month, Willy In The Morning holds the TOUGH GUY EDITION of The Grand IQ Test. This time $2,000 is up for grabs. It’s double the cash, but the questions are twice as hard.

Since few have succeeded where so many others have failed, we have added a Practice Quiz where you can test yourself to see if you have what it takes… Sure, you could Google the practice questions but you’ll only be cheating yourself when your big day comes.


  • Log in to the Rock 101 Club BELOW to take the PRACTICE QUIZ of the Grand IQ Test.
  • Show you know your stuff and that you deserve a shot at some REAL money.
  • If you are picked, WE CALL YOU at 7:40am on Tough Guy Tuesdays.
  • Then we see just how tough you really are…

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