Rock 101’s Back In The Black

This Spring Rock 101 and Daytona Motorsports are putting YOU Back In The Black!

But this wont be anything like a typical pay your bills contest…

Submit your parking tickets, library late charges, dog walking bills, driver’s license renewal fee… anything you can think of where you REALLY didn’t want to depart with your hard earned cash and Rock 101 might cover those costs!

We will call someone in the 8am & 4pm hour weekdays starting May 14 and put them Back In The Black.

Here’s the catch…… if you don’t pick up the phone when we call to pay your bill, the cash you would have won will be awarded INSTANTLY to caller #10 at 604-280-1011.

Rock 101’s Back In The Black – Powered by Daytona Motorsports…. Way of Life.

Other Stuff:

  • You MUST answer the phone IN PERSON when we call at 8am or 4pm.
  • Missed our call? Don’t Panic! Your entry is still in the draw.
  • Receipt/Bill must not be older than January 1st 2018.
  • We will be reimbursing people anywhere from $10 – $750 (That boat you just bought off Craig’s List is on you).
  • Winners must bring in their proof of payment in order to collect their prize. No making up random bills. It’s free money. Be honest 😉