‘Destroyer’ Album Celebration

The greatest Kiss album ever released.

Don’t get us wrong, Alive! was good. Heck, Rock and Roll Over was mighty fine. But Destroyer? Hand us the leather pants and black & white makeup because nothing fits better when we think of KISS. 

What do we have to do? Shout It Out Loud? Can do.

Take you down to Detroit Rock City? You bet.

Perhaps a slow dance to Beth? Only if you lead.

With the help of producer Bob Ezrin (who had a hand in producing for Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper), KISS took a different approach with Destroyer and embraced a more experimental studio album. With higher production value and better song writing, Destroyer was the very first KISS album to be certified platinum.

We’re taking it back to 1976 to relive the ROCK by playing the album in full and uninterrupted on March 15th at 6 p.m. – hosted by Robin LaRose.

KISS ‘Destroyer’, only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

Destroyer Track List

Side A

  1. “Detroit Rock City”                          5:17
  2. “King of the Night Time World”  3:19
  3. “God of Thunder”                            4:13
  4. “Great Expectations”                      4:24

Side B

  1. “Flaming Youth”                               2:59
  2. “Sweet Pain”                                      3:20
  3. “Shout It Out Loud”                         2:49
  4. “Beth”                                                  2:45
  5. “Do You Love Me”                           3:33
  6. “Rock and Roll Party”                      1:25