Doug and the Slugs


December 3rd – 19+ with ID + 2-Dose Vaccination Passport – Tickets are on sale now, HERE

Featuring Five surviving original members with vocalist Ted Okos.

Doug and the Slugs launched in Vancouver in 1978. Over the next 15 years they toured from New York to the North Pole, across Canada, and released 6 albums – 4 of them certified gold. Their energetic stage shows, quirky videos and eclectic music delighted audiences everywhere. 5 years after the untimely death of frontman Doug Bennett in 2004, the original band regrouped with singer Ted Okos. They’ve been keeping the Slugs’ legacy alive for thousands of fans ever since.

The band enjoyed a number of Canadian top 40 hits in the 1980s, most notably “Too Bad” (1980), “Who Knows How To Make Love Stay” (1982), “Making It Work” (1983), “Day by Day” (1984), and “Tomcat Prowl” (1988). The song “Too Bad” served as the theme song for the 1999-2001 ABC sitcom The Norm Show starring Norm Macdonald.