“Fully Completely” Tragically Hip Albums Uninterrupted

From track 1, you knew the album was to become a staple in EVERYONES collection.

Courage, Hundredth Meridian, Fifty Mission Cap, Wheat Kings and more….wow…what an album FULLY COMPLETELY is!

The 3rd offering from The Tragically Hip turns 31 this year and we are marking the anniversary…by playing the WHOLE album…uninterrupted and in its entirety

On Friday, October 6th @ 6 p.m. join Robin LaRose as he takes you back to 1992 with The Tragically Hip “Fully Completely” – only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits.

1. “Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)”
2. “Looking for a Place to Happen”
3. “At the Hundredth Meridian”
4. “Pigeon Camera”
5. “Lionized”
6. “Locked in the Trunk of a Car”
7. “We’ll Go, Too”
8. “Fully Completely”
9. “Fifty Mission Cap”
10. “Wheat Kings”
11. “The Wherewithal”
12. “Eldorado”