‘Get A Grip’ – Aerosmith

As their first release of the 1990s, Aerosmith’s ‘Get a Grip‘ proved once again that the guys knew how to spring back and resurrect their sound. Unlike so many other in rock history, Aerosmith knows how to find their audience in any given decade.

Get a Grip went on to be the Boston veterans’ best-selling album, with over 20 million copies sold, worldwide. But the album is often polarizing for many fans (and non-fans) of the band. In an effort to mask their own hyper-commercialization while maintaining the bad-boys esthetics of the 70s, there are certain lyrical and production ‘shock value’ choices that both made it a commercial phenom and drove rock fans crazy (yea, the burp in Eat the Rich – we’re talking to you.)

Hate it or Love it, Get a Grip allowed Aerosmith to appeal to a new generation of fans and still holds a grip on our heads (and our hearts)!

On April 20th @ 6 p.m. join Robin LaRose as he takes you back to 1993 with Aerosmith and ‘Get a Grip’ – only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits.

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Get a Grip Track Listing

  1. “Intro”                             0:24
  2. “Eat the Rich”                    4:11
  3. “Get a Grip”                        3:59
  4. “Fever”                                4:15
  5. “Livin’ on the Edge”         6:07
  6. “Flesh”                                 5:57
  7. “Walk On Down”              3:39
  8. “Shut Up and Dance”      4:56
  9. “Cryin'”                                 5:09
  10. “Gotta Love It”                5:58
  11. “Crazy”                                 5:14
  12. “Line Up”                             4:03
  13. “Amazing”                           5:57
  14. “Boogie Man”                    2:17