‘High Voltage’ ACDC celebration

AC/DC’s ‘High Voltage’ was the first international release from the band outside of Australia. The album was, to be blunt, obliterated in a review by Rolling Stone magazine, labelling the band as ‘gross-out champions’ and that this marked the all-time low for rock music. 

Nothing but respect for Rolling Stone but… we couldn’t disagree more.

High Voltage was everything we’ve come to expect from AC/DC, but in 1976 it was the first introduction to the band on American soil. The songs are big, bold, bluesy, with monster riffs and more. The lyrics are crude and dirty, laced with double entendre galore.

This is original AC/DC, the blueprint for the future and – hey – we aren’t complaining.

Fun Fact: in ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ Bon Scott learned how to play the bagpipes purely for that random bagpipe break in the song. He had no previous experience but managed to learn enough to squeeze a tune out. He actually played them live up until 1976 when they were destroyed on stage by fans.

Join Robin LaRose on Saturday, April 30th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1976 with AC/DC and ‘High Voltage’ only on Rock 101, Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

AC/DC High Voltage Track List 

Side one

  1. “It’s a Long Way to the Top”                        5:02
  2. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer”                                      5:04
  3. “The Jack”                                                           5:53
  4. “Live Wire”                                                         5:50

Side two

  1. “T.N.T.”                                                                3:35
  2. “Can I Sit Next to You Girl”                           4:12
  3. “Little Lover”                                                      5:40
  4. “She’s Got Balls”                                               4:52
  5. “High Voltage”                                                  4:04