Albums Uninterrupted; The Tragically Hip – Road Apples

The follow up to The Tragically Hip’s promising debut studio album “Up To Her” their sophomore album “Road Apples” was the bands true breakout album, becoming a No. 1 album in Canada as well as reaching Diamond Certification.

Featuring hits like “Three Pistols”, “Little Bones,” and “Twist My Arm.” Road Apples was the band’s most clear and polished effort to date and helped expand the bands footprint nationally and internationally as well.

From the Southern twang of Twist My Arm, to the powerful and raw Little Bones and the tragic and personally meaningful “Fiddler’s Green” (written to honour Gord Downies nephew who passed away during the albums recording) the album is filled with musical high points.

Join Robin LaRose on Monday, February 19th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1991 with The Tragically Hip and ‘Road Apples’ only on Rock 101, Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

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Track Listing:

1. “Little Bones” 4:45
2. “Twist My Arm” 3:56
3. “Cordelia” 4:10
4. “The Luxury” 3:40
5. “Born in the Water” 3:25
6. “Long Time Running” 4:23
7. “Bring It All Back” 4:41
8. “Three Pistols” 3:48
9. “Fight” 5:59
10. “On the Verge” 3:54
11. “Fiddler’s Green” 4:25
12. “The Last of the Unplucked Gems” 2:03