John Lennon “Imagine”

John Lennon’s timeless album ‘Imagine’ is turning 50 years old and Rock 101 is bringing you the entire album, in full and uninterrupted on September 9th @ 6pm.

Lennon’s second post-Beatles album, ‘Imagine’ kicking off with the idyllic utopian vision of the world in Lennon’s eyes. But, beyond the title track, the entire album lends itself to a much more complex picture of how Lennon viewed the world.

As we delve deeper, Lennon peels back the pretty scenery to reveal more distinct and difficult problems both personal, political, and raw. Lennon, the dreamer, encompasses that life is not perfect – but if one can learn how to rise above the conflict and anger, we may create a better world for us all.

Join Robin LaRose on Thursday, September 9th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1971 with John Lennon and ‘Imagine’ only on Rock 101, Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!


Imagine Track List

Side one

  1. “Imagine”                                                            3:01
  2. “Crippled Inside”                                              3:47
  3. “Jealous Guy”                                                    4:14
  4. “It’s So Hard”                                                     2:25
  5. “I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier Mama”       6:05

Side two

  1. “Gimme Some Truth”                                     3:16
  2. “Oh My Love”                                                    2:50
  3. “How Do You Sleep?”                                     5:36
  4. “How?”                                                                 3:43
  5. “Oh Yoko!”                                                          4:20