Moondance – In Full & Uninterrupted

‘Moondance’ was the third studio album from Van Morrison, and not only a redemption but a massive emergence for the Norther Irish singer-songwriter that solidified him as a force in popular music.

Released on January 27th 1970 as a follow up to the critical and commercial failure that was his sophomore album Astral Weeks. Van Morrison delved deeper into elements of Soul, Jazz and Irish Folk that would define his sound for the remainder of his career.

‘Moondance’ was an immediate critical and commercial success. With several songs becoming radio and pop culture staples and the album continually finding itself on “greatest albums of all time” lists worldwide to this day.

Join us on January 27th at 6pm as Robin LaRose takes you back to 1970 with ‘Moondance’ in Full & Uninterrupted!

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1. “And It Stoned Me” 4:30
2. “Moondance” 4:35
3. “Crazy Love” 2:34
4. “Caravan” 4:57
5. “Into the Mystic” 3:25

1. “Come Running” 2:30
2. “These Dreams of You” 3:50
3. “Brand New Day” 5:09
4. “Everyone” 3:31
5. “Glad Tidings” 3:13