Albums Uninterrupted – Rush ‘Moving Pictures’

‘Moving Pictures’ from Rush represented a crossroad for the band.

It showcased elements of the progressive hard rock sound that they built in the 70s while incorporating the reggae and new wave influences of the early 80s.

What it became, was a musical masterpiece in sound.

Released in 1981, ‘Moving Pictures’ was Rush at in top form both creatively and in sound perfection. Peart, Lee, and Lifeson were able to show off their skill and genius, embracing a powerful and at times spiritual listening experience.

Join Robin LaRose on Monday, February 12th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1981 with RUSH and ‘Moving Pictures’ only on Rock 101, Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

Rush Fact: this is the first album where Geddy Lee plays keyboards AND bass on EVERY song. 

Moving Pictures Track List

Side one

  1. “Tom Sawyer”                                   4:34
  2. “Red Barchetta”                                6:10
  3. “YYZ” (instrumental)                       4:26
  4. “Limelight”                                          4:20

Side two

  1. “The Camera Eye                              10:58*
    • “I.” (a.k.a “New York”)   *5:58
    • “II.” (a.k.a “London”)      *5:00
  1. “Witch Hunt” (Part III of “Fear”) 4:46
  2. “Vital Signs”                                        4:46