Ozzy Osbourne “No More Tears”

Following the untimely death of guitarist Randy Rhoades in 1982, Ozzy Osbourne struggled to find his footing as a solo artist, utilizing several temporary guitarists through the 80s…

Released in 1991, ‘No More Tears’ saw Ozzy bring in other artists and producers including Motorhead bassist and front man Lemmy Kilmister. Part way through the process of making the album, after 24 years of heavy drinking, Ozzy decided to get sober with the help of a therapist – seeing the world, his relationships, and his music through clear eyes for the first time in decades.

While initially Ozzy was unsure if ‘No More Tears’ was even a good enough album, it secured him his first Top 40 hit with ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’ and is a fan favorite with ‘No More Tears’, ‘Desire’, ‘Hellraiser’ and more. Looking back, Ozzy is able to appreciate the album in a new light:

“It’s one of my favorites,” he told Guitar World. “Every time I put a new band together, it gets to a certain point where you know each other and you’re sure of each other. After recording and touring together for a few years, Zakk and I were at that point. And everything fell into its right place.” (Loudwire)

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No More Tears Tracklist

  1. “Mr. Tinkertrain”                                       5:57
  2. “I Don’t Want to Change the World”       4:06
  3. “Mama, I’m Coming Home”                     4:11
  4. “Desire”                                                    5:46
  5. “No More Tears”                                      7:24
  6. “S.I.N.” (“Won’t Be Coming Home “)        4:47
  7. “Hellraiser”                                               4:52
  8. “Time After Time”                                    4:20
  9. “Zombie Stomp”                                      6:14
  10. “A.V.H.”                                                    4:13
  11. “Road to Nowhere”                                  5:11