Queen – “News Of The World”

Queens ‘News of the World’ kicks off with a one-two punch of epic proportion with We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. 

Written for the purpose of having the audience participate in the music, Queen reminds us that at their roots it’s about rock and roll – with a touch of flamboyance too (it IS Queen, after all).

Recorded and released in the heart of Queen’s most prolific and creative era, ‘News of the World’ follows the masterpiece that was ‘A Night at the Opera’ and once again each of the four band members composing multiple tracks, and a variety of genres explored within the songs themselves.

Join Robin LaRose on Thursday October 28th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1977 with Queen and ‘News of the World’ only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!

News of the World Track List

Side one

  1. “We Will Rock You”                         2:01
  2. “We Are the Champions”              2:59
  3. “Sheer Heart Attack”                      3:26
  4. “All Dead, All Dead”                        3:10
  5. “Spread Your Wings”                     4:34
  6. “Fight from the Inside”                  3:03

Side two

  1. “Get Down, Make Love”                3:51
  2. “Sleeping on the Sidewalk”          3:06
  3. “Who Needs You”                            3:05
  4. “It’s Late”                                           6:26
  5. “My Melancholy Blues”                 3:29