The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed

“Let It Bleed”. Epic album by the Rolling Stones, released in 1969. Widely regarded as one of their greatest works, it had all the good stuff; rock, blues, and country, and marked a shift towards a raw-er sound compared to their previous work.

Tracks like “Gimme Shelter,” a powerful song with a haunting vocal by Merry Clayton and tracks like “Midnight Rambler,” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” which became one of their most enduring and popular songs.

It’s an essential album of the late 1960s, reflecting the turbulent cultural and political climate of the era. Raw and emotive that had the cover art of a cake with figurines of the band members and other imagery, another iconic symbol in rock history.

Join Robin LaRose on December 5th at 6pm as he takes you back to 1969 with The Rolling Stones and ‘Let it Bleed’ – only on Rock 101!

Side one

1. “Gimme Shelter”
2. “Love in Vain”
3. “Country Honk”
4. “Live with Me”
5. “Let It Bleed”

Side two

1. “Midnight Rambler”
2. “You Got the Silver”
3. “Monkey Man”
4. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”