The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

50 years ago on April 23rd, 1971, The Rolling Stones released ‘Sticky Fingers’ an album that beyond the music – was iconic in itself.

The album heralded in a new age for the Stones, who, at the time, were one of the biggest bands in the world and hadn’t released any new music in two years after the death of Brian Jones in ’69. When ‘Sticky Fingers’ was released, their music and sound had changed, moving away from the psychedelic to the rootsy American music with influences like country/folk (Wild Horses), R&B (I Got the Blues), even Latin influences (Can’t You Hear Me Knocking) and more.

‘Sticky Fingers’ also marked a lot of firsts, it was the first album under their Rolling Stones Records label, it was Mick Taylor first full album (in ’75 Ronnie Wood would go on to replace him), and it was also the first time we would see their now iconic logo of the tongue and lips. An image now synonymous with the band and arguably one of the best band logos of all time.

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