The Who – Who’s Next

A landmark album, carved in the stones of rock history, deemed canon by rock fans…

The Who, ‘Who’s Next’ is turning 50 years old and Rock 101 is bringing you the entire album, in full and uninterrupted. Why? Because we can and because it deserves it.

Much of ‘Who’s Next’ is derived from a rock opera project called ‘Lifehouse’ that Pete Townshend was working on but abandoned. Even though the songs compiled on ‘Who’s Next’ lack a discernable theme – that is part of the magic. The Who sound LOUD and unhinged, there is anger and sorrow, humor and regret, passion and tumult. In short, an invigorating ride from beginning to end and each member of the band is at their best.

Like many near-masterpieces in rock history, ‘Who’s Next’ wasn’t meant to turn out like it did. But upon its release in 1971, ‘Who’s Next’ was an instant success, and is still regarded today as one of the Who’s best albums – and is certainly up there as one of the best written, recorded and performed rock albums of all time.

Join Robin LaRose on Monday, August 14th @ 6 p.m. as he takes you back to 1971 with The Who and ‘Who’s Next’ (celebrating 50 years!) only on Rock 101 – Vancouver’s Greatest Hits!


  1. Baba O’Riley
  2. Bargain
  3. Love Ain’t For Keeping
  4. My Wife
  5. The Song Is Over
  6. Getting In Tune
  7. Going Mobile
  8. Behind Blue Eyes
  9. Won’t Get Fooled Again